Welcome to the page where we talk about our exported charcoal products in term of categories, compositions, species and pricing.


Moisture < 3%
Burning Time > 2.5 Hours
Heat Value (Calory) > 7500J/Kg
Fixed Carbon 80% ~ 95%
Ash < 2%
Color Black
Material 100% Natural Coconut Charoal


a. Shisha / hookah charcoal of the finest quality for professionals only. Our shisha charcoal is elaborated according to traditional methods and we can deliver it directly to your company.

b. Charcoal briquettes of the best quality for professionals only. Our briquettes of charcoal are made only with natural ingredients and offer the best results for Barbecue

c. Fingers/ Mangrove Charcoal is very hard and dense. It burns hotter and longer if compared to any other natural charcoal. For this reason, it is considered one of the best charcoal for barbecue and grilling purposes.

d. Mixed Charcoal. This is a combination of the Hard Wood and some related woods, It’s of less value and price compare to Purely hard wood charcoal.

e. Our Offer

We only offer 100% Natural and traditionally made mangrove charcoal. Our product is carbonized in traditional brick and clay kilns. The process is done on the most traditional way, so its carbonization process can take up to 7 days. After that, another 7 days are required for the mangrove charcoal to be cooled down.


Hardwood charcoal is our best-selling product. In terms of quality, charcoal made of hardwood is always a great choice, as it offers much better quality than other options. Using hardwood charcoal gives you unique advantages: the food has better flavors, there’s less ash produced and it is ignited really fast.
Made from invasive trees such as Acacia Farnesiana or Acacia Mangium, and seasonal fruit trees like mango, tamarind, lemon and rubber trees, it’s the perfect solution for grilling or BBQ.

Due to its high-end qualities, we export our hardwood charcoal to several countries, for both barbecue and industrial applications. And especially because food tastes better with it.


Charcoal Prices around the world have been increasing fast during the last five years. There are many factors that have a direct influence on the charcoal market prices.

First, climate change. Inconsistent rains in most of the countries producing and exporting charcoal had a devastating effect on charcoal prices. Please contact for more inquiries on prize